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About Us

Kids Biz provides affordable, high quality and inclusive childcare, incorporating sports coaching and creative group learning activities for all children. Kids Biz provides a diverse range of sporting and creative activities that have been specifically designed for primary school aged children. The well-established program and staffing structures enable children to engage in active learning that supports balanced physical, emotional and intellectual development.

Our staffing team plays an integral role in establishing a familiar and enjoyable environment. A significant number of our educators hold early childhood education qualifications and are recognised and valued for their commitment, knowledge, enthusiasm and diverse skills.

We have extensive resources giving children the opportunity to explore their interests and develop new skills.  Children can enjoy a variety of activities including: art and craft, sports coaching, science experiments, gymnastics, cooking and learn to draw activities. Detailed activity scheduling is also provided in advance, on a fortnightly basis, to assist families with their own planning and provide opportunity to engage with their children on their experiences.



Kids Biz will provide a safe, secure, stimulating and enjoyable environment with an atmosphere that promotes the development of happy and healthy children. At all times we will provide positive reinforcement and guidance to children in our care, whilst encouraging them to accept and value others for who they are.


Through collaboration with families, schools and the broader community we will develop strong partnerships focused on shared goals and consider the needs of children, families and the school community in creating the best environment for childhood development. 


By fostering children's initiative, communication, confidence and self-esteem we will provide equal opportunity that empowers children to be active and learn and develop at their own pace in a stimulating, well-balanced and play-based setting.


Accreditation and History

Kids Biz is a local Canberra business established in 2002 with the goal of providing an active, sports based vacation care program. Since then, Kids Biz has grown to provide vacation care, before school care, and after school care to thousands of children across Canberra.

Since establishment in 2002 Kids Biz has been regulated under both Territory and Federal legislation and has an impeccable record of outstanding compliance. We operate under the National Quality Framework (NQF) which sets a national benchmark for early childhood education and care to be provided by OSHC services in Australia.


As an approved OSHC provider we comply with all requirements relating to the operation of education and care services organised around each of the seven quality areas. 

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