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Staying Connected

Things are a little different at the moment and we want to keep in touch while some of you are away. Check this page for activities and updates from our Educators!

Educator Messages

If you would like your Art'n'Craft or STEM creation to be included on the website, please email a photo to us at

To find out the answer, email us at

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Hi everyone, to celebrate "BOOK WEEK" some of our educators and admin staff have dressed up as a character from their favourite book!

Try dressing up as your favourite book character or click here for some ideas.



Here's a few Art'n'Craft activities for you. We would love to see your finished projects - please email photos through to and we'll share them here!

Explore art from around the world, colour in some classic artworks, create a "Blob Opera" song and more on Google Arts and Culture website. Also available as a mobile app.



You might not be able to play your usual sport at the moment, but there are still many ways to exercise and have some fun!

Soccer Golf

Lay down a towel or other flat object in your backyard. The aim of the game is to get the ball to stop directly on the "hole". How many kicks does it take to get there? What's the smallest number of kicks you can do to reach it?


Yoga is a great option that you can do anywhere - inside or outside! Cosmic Kids has some videos that can guide you through some yoga positions.

Adventure Hunt

Click here to download the Adventure Hunt list, then take your family on a walk. How many of these items can you find? What's the coolest thing you've found on your walk? There are lots of teddy bears peeking out of windows at the moment, how many can you spot?

What games have you been playing at home? Let us know and we'll list them here to share with others!



Science - Homemade Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are a fun way to show kids that oil floats on top of the water due to being less dense (lighter) than water but when you add air (bubbles) it mixes with some of the water and makes the water lighter, allowing it to float to the top. Once the air escapes the water gets heavy again and sinks!

To start, grab the following items:

  • Water bottle

  • Vegetable oil

  • Water

  • Alka-Seltzer tablet

  • Food colouring

1. Fill the water bottle 3/4 of the way with vegetable oil.

2. Fill the rest with water and add a few drops of food colouring.

3. Break an Alka-Seltzer tablet into a few small pieces and drop them into the water bottle one at a time.

4. Watch as your lava lamp erupts!

For some extra fun, see what happens if you put the cap on after dropping the tablet in. What if you drop a whole tablet in? When it stops bubbling, try sprinkling some salt into your lava lamp. What happens?

Science - Dip-Dyed Craft Sticks

Trees and other plants absorb water from the ground through the process of capillary action. You can simulate this action with dip-dyed craft sticks. To start, grab the following items:

  • Jumbo craft sticks

  • Liquid watercolours

  • Jars

  • Water

  • Newspaper

1. Pour roughly 2 tablespoons of each liquid watercolour into a jar. Add 1-2 tablespoons of water to each jar.

2. Drop a few craft sticks into each jar. Let the sticks sit (do not stir). Allow the colour to soak up halfway.

3. Remove sticks, blot the wet end, turn the stick over and drop it in a different colour. Let it soak for a bit and when you come back, you will see a third colour.

For some extra fun try mixing all of the colours with each other. Can you guess what the mixed (third) colour will be on each stick?

Science - Bouncy Egg

Have you ever seen an egg bounce? You can make yourself a bouncy egg by following the steps below!

1. Carefully place a raw egg in a glass or jar

2. Fill the glass with white vinegar until the egg is completely submerged

3. Leave the egg for 1-3 days. Check back on your egg each day

4. When the egg has started to become translucent remove it from the jar and rinse with water. The egg should be rubbery and slightly squishy. If it is not you may need to place it in vinegar for another day.

5. Lift the egg a few centimeters into the air, let go and watch it bounce. It's best to do the bouncing on a plate or container - just in case!​


Paper Gravity Challenge

Find yourself a piece of paper. When you drop it, how long does it take to reach the floor? If you fold or cut the paper does it fall slower or faster? How slow can you make it fall? How fast can you make it fall?

Educational Games - remember to play these in moderation!

Traveler IQ - how well do you know the world?

Math Playground - maths for all ages!

Word Games - have fun and learn at the same time


Contact Us

Have you tried any of these activities? Or do you want to send a message to the Kids Biz educators? We'd love to know what you've been doing while you're not at Kids Biz!

Thanks! Message sent.

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